Scooting Around The Park

I’ve taken the information and media from a few tweets and condensed them down into one post, as the blog looked very bare with just tweets recently…
We went for a quick walk around the park opposite us (though Anna remembered she had a scooter and so, suitably protected with knee pads etc), we decided to go while the weather was still warm enough. That said, if it dips below 23 degrees here, the playgrounds and park can look quite bare with many people staying at home. Anyway, after slowly getting down the main promenade leading to the green area of the park, Anna wanted to go on a trampoline…

Quick walk in the park before autumn closes everything down. ... on Twitpic

After she had used up her excess energy, and we continued walking through the park, eventually deciding to return to our favourite cafe there. The pepper steak was delicious, their paprika (and ??) covered wedges as superb as ever, and even Tim helped out by having a nap towards the end, leaving us some time to digest our food before making a move home.

Tim Napping At The Cafe

Tim Napping At The Cafe

The menu is in Russian and English (possibly Kazakh too, I can’t recall), they have an outdoor (but with a roof. ummm, no walls, you know what I mean hopefully) seating area, where you can smoke. The service is normally pretty good, though when they get a batch of new staff, it does sometime take a while for them to remember what is on the menu. As standard here in Kazakhstan, blankets are available for those dining who feel the cold, and the prices are pretty reasonable, especially considering the location and quality and selection of food available.

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