Del Papa

Right, before I forget to include it, here is a map showing the location of Del Papa, assuming I have embedded it correctly (thats Respublika Ave on the far left, to give you some sense of where it is)…

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We had already visited the restaurant when Irina and I took Tim (Anna was at playgroup) to have some ID photos taken (Irina went to Almaty in the week to apply for her and his visas). This time around it was all four of us, having a nice Sunday lunch (again this post has combined a few tweets to improve the flow of this site). As we weren’t in a rush this time, we could properly sample their food, drink & not have to zoom off afterwards!

Anna, A My Little Pony & Irina At Del Papa

Anna, A My Little Pony & Irina At Del Papa

Anna had a cheese and meat pizza (we helped her to finish it off, is there any better an indicator of your love for a child ;) ), we will pretend that the chocolate milkshake was hers as well (!), and I had a Long Island Iced Tea (once we had ascertained how many millilitres of spirits were included, it worked out to be cheaper than beer or vodka (Tenge per ml using a standardized formula to allow for different ABV %ages)), as Irina had volunteered to drive us back. The pizza was one of the best I’ve had in Astana so far! I had a spaghetti carbonara with some garlic bread (not bad, Ira liked it, I thought it was too dry).

Sunday Lunch

Sunday Lunch

The carbonara was delicious and the Long Island Iced Tea just right, except the Coke was flat. Atmosphere wise, it was very chilled in there, and I’d happily revisit or recommend to friends and this site’s readers!

Carbonara, Garlic Bread, Anna's Pizza

Carbonara, Garlic Bread, Anna’s Pizza

In conclusion… Del Papa – a very strong 8.5/10

Del Papa's Sign

Del Papa’s Sign

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