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Anna – November 2010

Thursday, November 24th, 2011

Almost at the end of last year’s photos of Anna, these pictures reside in the following folders on our hard drive…

Winter Is Coming, Chubary Living Room, Pigtails, Big Hat And Monitor Talking, Big Hat Again, Two Babas, Chubary, Painting and Eating In Chubary

Biiiiiiiig Smile!
Anna And Baba Looking At Anna's Book
Give. Me. The. Camera. Now!
Anna In Chubary
Anna Dressed For Winter In Chubary
Kara & Muska In Our Living Room
Monkey & Teddy Snuggle Together On Anna's Chair
Not Quite Awake Yet
A Little To The Left Please
Marching To Her Own Tune
A Quick Snack At Her Table
Daddy's Hat Looks Better On Me
Nom Nom Pear
Too Cold To Smile!
Tea Time With Pig Tails
Anna Between Two Babas
And Now To The Left...
Beautiful Smile, Naked Feet!
Anna's Umbrella
Hiding... If I Can't See You, You Can't See Me!
Big Hugs For The (Toy) Dog
Anna & Baba Chatting
Do I Look Cuter? Can I Get Away With More Now?
Pretty In Purple
Moi, Pose For The Camera? Ce n'est pas possible!
Trapping Her Shadow Against The Wall, No Peter Pan Style Trickery Here!
Trying Out Pigtails
Hard At Work
Distracted By DVDs Probably!
The Artist At Work
Anna In The Chubary Living Room

Anna – October 2010

Thursday, November 24th, 2011

I’m getting there slowly, this week I’ll try to put a few more photos of Anna on the site, and find some of Tim’s recent ones to keep people updated.
We have a few shots from when Nana (my Mum) came to visit us again in Astana, my in-law’s living room and the ever-present Mega shopping centre near us…

Roundabout Can Be Ticked Off The To-Do List!
Irina And Anna Playing In The Backyard
Anna In A Proper Seat This Time
Bouncing Around With A New Friend
Wicked Smile, Innocent Eyes!
Stair Step Seat
Very Proud Of Her Seating Selection
Slightly Aware Of The Camera :)
Anna Coming In To Land!

Anna – September 2010

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

Getting there… September 2010 saw the following:
My mum (Nana to Anna) came and visited us in Astana, Zach and almost-wife and Ira and I met up down at the Ukranian restaurant Melnitza, and we had a lot of lovely summer sunrises.

Nazgul And Anna
Breakfast Time Drinking
Looking At These Pictures Now, It Is Strange To See How Much She Has Changed In A Year!
Informing Or Chastising?
Striking A Pose
Anna Getting Bored Of Technology
Khan Shatyr Shopping Centre (The Big Tent One), Astana, Kazakhstan
Nana And Anna Dancing
Anna In The Early Morning Sun
Three Smiling Fools
Anna With A Mischievous Smile
Nana And Anna In Khan Shatyr
Anna Totally Shocked By The Gossip
Zach At Melnitza
Anna Merriman
Leaving The Decking To Attend To Something Very Important. Probably.
Nodding Off Already

Port Talbot beach (as it is a …

Monday, November 14th, 2011

Port Talbot beach (as it is a lovely sunny day in South Wales!)

Port Talbot Beach

Port Talbot Beach Too Much Sun

Gwen, Ira, Tim & Anna On Steps At The Beach