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Victory Day 2010

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

The 9th of May is Victory Day here in Kazakhstan, and last year (2010) Irina’s parents had family and friends over. The day is celebrated because it was on the 9th of May 1945 that Germany surrendered to the USSR (I’m pretty sure of that, though doubtless someone will be happy to correct me in the comments below :) ).

This will just be a short post with one picture. I know it is not great quality, but it was the best I could do with the source material. The picture is of 3 or 4 generations sat together, with almost everyone smiling at the same time, often an issue with group photos :)

Family And Friends

Family And Friends

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Buddy Bears Brought Back!

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

It took a while (see here for previous mentions of them), but I can finally present a few photos taken of the Buddy Bear exhibition that was in Astana last year. DanC was back in town at the time, and so most of us managed to meet up near Baiterek and have a look around. It was a good afternoon out, though I wish Anna had already become used to her sunglasses, as she seems to hate bright sun in her eyes even more than me. This meant she probably wasn’t able to get a good look at some bears.

Chris And Anna With Two Buddy Bears. One Of Whom Appears To Be 8-Bit
Walton, Chris, Anna And A Couple Of Dans
Can You Guess Which Country That Bear Is From?
Japanese Buddy Bear
Beautiful Bear And Concept
Walton And His National Buddy
We Loved Moldova's Bear - Up Front And Honest

For more information and photos, Kazakh Nomad’s blog entries from last year are worth checking out.

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Windy Hat Removal

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

OK, I’ve found and properly named all the videos from the 8th of May 2010, as promised. We’re still in the back garden in Chubary, and Anna has her pretty rainbow coloured dress on. (I’m thinking by the time I catch up with all of Anna’s photos and videos, I may just be able to immediately call a dress a dress, and a skirt a skirt. Mental block I’ve always had for some reason!)

Recognizing which tree is called what. Better than her Daddy already :) Also able to navigate large gaps between paving slabs (better than her Daddy after a few drinks). Not yet certain of what counts as edible fruit, and what is dead plant stuff on the floor (ha, I’m not obsolete just yet!)

Next we have Anna searching for something. Not sure if even she knows what she wants.

Stari babushka (“old” babushka, ie Ira’s grandma) pointing out that Anna’s hat is no longer on her head…

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Rainbows, Tools, Swing & A Dog (Off-Frame)

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

A few days after (8th of May 2010) the birthday party celebrations at the Attila restaurant, we have Anna in the back garden at the in-laws’ house. Proudly sporting her rainbow coloured dress (I wonder if it is too small already :( ?), the day was spent working in the garden, apparently mis-estimating the height of the swing (which has a raised seat not to give us heart attacks, but to keep bums off the dirty original seat) and saying hello to the guard dog, Aynak.

Anna Happy (but the sun was shining bright) In Her Rainbow Dress
Anna Looking Cheeky, About To Miss The Swing Seat
Saying Hello To Aynak
Tools Ready, Anna Willing, Let The Gardening Commence!
"Maybe This Would Be Quicker If I Just Use My Hands?"

This day also has some videos on YouTube somewhere, once again I’ll find them, label them correctly, and embed them soon.

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