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Testing 640px480 output from l…

Saturday, November 27th, 2010

Testing 640px480 output from lower quality front-facing camera on an HTC Touch Pro2 (using PockeTwit) via Posterous

Third of three PockeTwit video…

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

Third of three PockeTwit video tests. This time using mobypic. Anna watching Teletubbies and Kara on the sofa

See the comment below. Embed code has silly resolution automatically placed. Can probably manually edit it to original video resolution, however hoping that posterous will have both an embed code easily accessible and also play the video in native resolution…

Arresting Roundabouts

Saturday, November 20th, 2010

The pictures and videos of Anna have now moved onto the 20th April, meaning I have about a month and a half to catch up with 7 months worth of backlog! Anyway, this was shot on the morning of my birthday this year, in the play area near our flats. Anna can now hold on to the roundabout by herself, and she seems to enjoy giving me a heart attack by trying to get off the ride whilst it is still spinning round. A lot of the time she now just sits on the foot rest and watches the world go by, occasionally pushing the roundabout around with her feet. As the winter gets colder, we spend less time out doors, and as no locals go and play there already (I’ve only had a few people tell me off for letting my daughter play in these sub-arctic (it was around 5-10 Celsius at the time!) conditions) there aren’t any children for her to play with right now. However, there is now one other child in her weektime playgroup sessions, and I’m hoping tomorrow’s goes as well as Tuesday’s did.

Anna Close Up

Saturday, November 20th, 2010

I can’t remember what I was originally trying to take a photo of this day (22nd of April), but Anna apparently decided that a much better subject for the picture would be her face. Very close up. She was probably right :)

Anna Close Up

Anna Close Up

I would just like to point out that her dummy is not a permanent fixture. We obviously need to convince her to stop using it altogether, but for now she just uses it at night, or when she has woken up in bed, but has decided to just lie there quietly for a while. Unless she is in a bad mood, she is very quick to offer it to us, so it can be put away, before getting out of her crib. Speaking of which, she just stirred (it is 3am here), so I’ll check she is OK and return to writing another post or two in a few minutes.

False alarm, she seems to have just murmured a little whilst turning in her sleep. The last three or four weeks she has managed to sleep through the whole night almost 100% of the time. Given that she was previously waking up for a feed two or three times a night still, this is a huge improvement. We have had very little dramatics over this change, and she just seemed to accept it (we did tell her each night that big girls sleep the whole night through, and that we would be there for her in the morning, or if anything was actually wrong in the night).