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Anna’s Birthday Cake

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Not much to say with this video, as you may have guessed from the title, it features Anna on her birthday, about to taste her first ever birthday cake. The rest of the year, we’re pretty careful about sugar (and salt) levels in the food she eats (a little more difficult here in Kazakhstan, as the selection is narrower), but for that one day, pretty much anything was allowed :)
Anyway, here she is, sat in her highchair (this one is a little seat that you can attach to most normal “adult’s” chairs, and worked out pretty well), having already blown out her candles…

Anna’s Birthday Car

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

This is another toy that the authorities held onto for a while before allowing the parcel to eventually arrive (after a large amount of fees were paid). The push along car extends so you can place a seat on it, and since her birthday, not only has her walking improved (perhaps a coincidence, but in any case she can now control the car well), but she is able to get on and off it (when the seat is put in place), without our help, and normally she even ends up facing the right way!
She hasn’t yet started pushing herself along when sat in it, and doesn’t seem to want to raise her feet from the ground to allow us to push her, but in any case, most mornings she can be found ramming sofas, walls or any slow moving cats with glee. (The glee is hers, our cats have tended to jump out the way a lot more quickly now.)

Anna’s Birthday Bubbles

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

OK, I think I’ll skip my normal routine of providing the date that photos and videos were taken of Anna. The next few Anna’s Photos and Anna’s Videos posts are all based around her birthday, which is the 21st of February. If you’re reading this over on her blog, please assume the same date for future posts with Birthday in them :)
One of Anna’s presents was a bubble blowing machine. As she hadn’t seen proper bubbles before (ignoring bubble baths), we wanted to buy something that would produce a lot of them, with less mess than the normal setup would involve. Going outside, with Anna suitably covered from the cold (should any Kazakhs be reading this, the weather was a LOT warmer over in Britain than in Astana), we turned the machine on, and waited to see if it would catch Anna’s attention or not…

Anna’s First MP3 Player!

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

This video was shot after the presents were opened, and the bubble machine tested out side. Although we had to wait for the box it was transported to Kazakhstan in to pass Kazakh Customs, it is definitely one of Anna’s favourite toys, especially since we took the audio from her favourite DVD of children’s songs and put it on the player’s memory card. The controls are simple and large, the player lights up during use, and Anna has figured out what most buttons do already…

OK, just got to the end of Anna’s Birthday videos that I had already uploaded to the YouTube account, and realised that the last (in terms of the time it was recorded) is better suited to this post. Anna and her MP3 player in the evening, with us realising you needed to set it to play one song, three songs or thirty minutes worth. (Or something like that).