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An Apple A Day…

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Getting back to photos being posted in the order they were shot, here we have one from the 6th of February, the weekend before we left for Britain. Anna has recently really started liking eating apples (one little bite after another all adds up), as well as ecstatically devouring bananas whenever she spots one. Anna is sat on the new playmat/rug for her in the kitchen in that house. She now wears shoes most of the time she is up and wandering about, though we do also try and occasionally ensure there is some bare feet time :)

Munching On An Apple At Babushka's

Munching On An Apple At Babushka’s

Fruit Moving

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

Following on from the earlier Apple A Day post, we have three videos shot around the same time that the phot was taken, back on the 6th February. And still no one has poked me to re-insert the embed code for Anna’s videos over on her blog –! Anyway, I’ll need to leave the PC uploading the other videos for the night, so I’ll stop writing for now.

Ravioli Gets The Thumbs Up

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

As with most pasta based dishes, pelmeni is always met with a smiling face, and finished with a certain amount of mess on Anna’s face. As it is reasonably similar to the Italian dish of ravioli (being little packets of meat in a pasta envelope), Mum and Irina decided to see how Anna liked it. The main difference is that ravioli (at least the tinned variety) normally comes in a tomato sauce – not normally an issue for Anna. The short story is that Anna loved it, and you can see it being consumed with Anna in her high chair in a picture below. John took the photo sometime after the 14th February I think.

Enjoying Ravioli

Daring Donkey Dives

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

As John drove us back from Heathrow to Clydach, we stopped off at one of the motorway services stations for a chance to stretch our legs (including Anna, who walked the length of the car park!), take a comfort break and grab a bite to eat. As Anna went past the first shop, her eyes were immediately drawn to a huge display of stuffed toys. Cynical marketing (like putting sweets at eye level for children at supermarkets check outs), but it worked, as Anna started making some noise and pointing. John succumbed and bought Anna the donkey she seemed to be most interested in. When we got home, we discovered that Anna loves to tackle the poor thing – she’ll literally dive onto it from a standing position, then roll around on the floor ensuring it can’t escape!

Anna Tackles A Donkey

Again, credit to John’s blog for the original posting of this picture. The date was around the 14th February.