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Smiling in the park :-) Prop…

Monday, June 29th, 2009

Smiling in the park :-)
Proper camera battery about to die.
Managed to grab few shots of preps for Astana day.

Anna Smiling In Astana Park

Different Day, Different Yurts

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

29th June, another walk around Astana park, and the main promenade is now filling up with yurts. These look a little different, and actually have some families living in them. Some of the market stall traders, bird of prey owners and traditional cuisine vendors seemed to be based in this area.

See Last Post For How This Looked Without A Yurt On It. Or Just Use Your Imagination.
Slightly Different Yurt Style, Actually Occupied As Well
Anna's Pushchair And Irina By Mostly Completed Yurt
Huge Metal-Based Yurt-Inspired Building. Used By Religious Leaders For Conference At One Point. I Think.
Flowery Roundabout And Street Patrollers Saluting. An Officer. Not The Flowers. That Would Be Weird. Even Over Here.
Beginnings Of A Stage Cover Being Assembled, Amongst The Yurts At The Entrance To Astana Park

One Week Before Astana Day…

Friday, June 26th, 2009

Well, eight days I think, but anyway, as this was the 26th June again, you can see the camera batteries took a bit of a battering. We took Anna out for her (almost) daily walk, and decided to check out how the preparations for Astana Day (and the International Religious Tolerance Forum) were coming along. If you have ever seen pictures of Yurts, and wondered how they were made, and the process that creates them, you’ll hopefully get a slightly better idea soon. If you’re reading this on the front page, you’ll need to click the link under the first photo to see the rest – there are a lot, and so to keep the front page readable, I’ve hidden them away.

Anna At Entrance To Astana Park, With Yurts In The Background

Anna At Entrance To Astana Park, With Yurts In The Background

Yes, I know the last image in the set below is a repeat of the one before the fold. I’ve just spent 20 minutes battling with WordPress’ image gallery, and given up I’m afraid. I also had to type out the descriptions for some of these pictures four times, before I remembered to click Save Changes before Insert Gallery :/ I’ll learn eventually.

Not Very Subtle Security
View Of Yurts From Across The Car Park
Yurts In An Early Stage Of Construction
The Materials Required To Build A Yurt. Well Lots. You Know What I Mean
Wood, Canvas, Rope, Stuff. Yurt Construction In Background
More Yurt Building
Old Kazakh Language (?) Writing On The Pillars At The Entrance To Astana Park
Seating In Place, No Stage Yet, Traditional Goods Market In The Background
Irina & Anna With A Half Built Yurt In Astana Park
Aforementioned Market Thingy. With Fake Wall And Ramparts.
Flowery Walkabout With Anna And Irina
Kazakhstan? Tick. Tree? Tick. It Must Be Painted White Socks Time Then...
Four And Three Wheeled Rented Go Karts In Astana Park
Water Truck. I Originally Wrote A Lot More For This Description. Fourth Time I've Lost All Info. Lost The Will To Type It Out Again. It Waters Flowers And Stuff
Pretty Swans, Ugly (Fairy Tale?) Figures
Raised Platform For Yurts To Stand On. With Chris And Anna.
Three Quarters Completed Yurt
(New?) Symbol For Astana. Design Incorporates The Shape Of A Water Vessel And A Shanrak. The Bit At The Top Of A Yurt...
Anna At Entrance To Astana Park, With Yurts In The Background

Dana, Asen And Alan Pop Round

Friday, June 26th, 2009

The same day (26th June) Anna experimented with non-conformist sleeping, Dana, Asen and their son Alan popped over, as they were visiting Kazakhstan before returning to Israel. By the time I remembered to grab the camera, Alan was already having a nap, so you’ll “just” have to make do with Dana and Anna in this shot.

Dana And Anna - Only Three Keys Required!

Dana And Anna – Only Three Keys Required!