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Harvested And Distributed

Saturday, February 28th, 2009

As I recently mentioned, we finally managed to get around to collecting all of Anna’s photos into one place, so I can now start posting them here for family and friends to see. Apologies for the three week delay in getting these up, but TBH I’ve not had a lot of spare time recently, for some reason :)

This shot was taken when the first batch of ‘Congratulations’-type cards arrived. I think this is one of the pictures that will make it into Anna’s book that John and Irina are producing.
Anna's Cards

Next we have a close up shot that was taken on the 28th of February
28th February 2009 Close Up

OK, that’s all for now as the food shopping needs to be put away downstairs.

Anna’s First Video!

Friday, February 27th, 2009

After YouTube banned my original account, (long story, the short version is I lost it due to short clips involving BBC material), I have finally got around to uploading some videos to my new account.

This post includes Anna’s first appearance in a movie (28th Febraury, on the sofa in Clydach, with Anna at just one week old), at least from Irina’s camera. I still need to hookup our proper camcorder and rip it to DVDs/YouTube etc. Anyway, enough of the text, onto the star :)

Click the link below to see: A higher quality version of the same video, parts 2-6 from the sofa, and also Irina in hospital a couple of days before the birth. (The ‘HQ’ embedded version appears to just be the same video enlarged, rather than the HQ version available from the video’s page on
OK, just press the HQ button to watch a better quality version.


Anna Christina Merriman Photos – Last Batch For Today

Friday, February 27th, 2009

Today we went to Swansea’s County Hall/Civic Centre, to see the Registrar and officially registered the birth of Anna Christina Merriman. Her middle name is a suitable mixture of Christopher and Irina, which is close to what her patrynomic name would be in Russian. Hopefully the Kazakh red tape guardians will accept this as a suitable choice, and won’t complain.

These photos were all taken around the time Mum showed Ira and I the best approach to bathing little Anna, and we’ve since done this solo without any major mishaps. Irina was a little apprehensive about full on bathing (as opposed to topping and tailing) and safety, so I explained that if the bath shifts around, or looks likely to shoot off the surface its laid on, hold the baby, and forget about trying to stop the bath from falling – as long as Anna is safe and secure, no is going to give a damn about a little spilt water. A case of not throwing the baby out with the bath water :)




More Anna Photos

Friday, February 27th, 2009

As you might guess from the range of dates in these photos, I now have the pictures from John’s cameras, though there is another folder of them somewhere on his hard drive – I’ll have proper search soon.

Here we have a shot in the hospital (in their post delivery ward), just before Anna’s first parent-based nappy change :)

This is (my) Mum holding Anna in the hospital.

This is a shot from a couple of days ago, showing Anna in her drop side cot, in her current favourite sleeping position with arms up and out.